Answered Prayers - Italy

A while ago I had asked for urgent prayers for my brother Luca. He surrendered his life to Jesus today and was baptized. Please keep praying for him. Thank you Lord.

I have been asking prayers for my brother Luca, for many months, thank God he realized that the only way of deliverance is Jesus. Praise God.

Massimo was in a deep coma because of a cerebral hemorrhage. The doctor said: "no chance to see him awake", but God woke him up a few days ago! Thank you, Jesus, thank you, TSC.

Time ago I asked for prayers for a dear friend of mine named Sal, thank God the tumor that was advancing has stopped its growth and has been removed completely.

Thank God, my niece Miriam improved and the doctors now are full of hope, since I asked for prayer. Hope, strength, and love have been our daily bread.

Just to let you know that Wynne, my 94-year-old friend passed away this past week. I had asked for prayer for her and God granted her to live two more years. Pray that her family gets saved.

Praise the Lord. The genetic test said that my son is a healthy male. Thank the Lord every day of our lives by His grace.

Born unresponsive, God has saved Maria J's life six times - shot at, beaten, fires, diving accidents, fatal ALS - God saved my cousin's life one more time from cardiac arrest. Jesus is merciful! Praise Him.

Thank you for your prayers for healing for Eric who was in a motorcycle accident approximately 4 weeks ago. He is miraculously healed and out o his coma! Praise the Lord!

My 93 year old friend Wynne who lives in South Africa was dying. Now she has come through a crisis and is reading her bible. Thank you for praying TSC. Pray for her salvation.