Answered Prayers - India

Thank you TSC for praying for Beryl and Sandeep.She had twins Joshua and Hannah and the twins are doing well. Mom is doing so well. Thank you for praying for them.

Praise God and thank you TSC for praying. I got a job in the medical sector, for which we were praying for last month.

Thank TSC, I was able to buy a camera for my son through a bank loan that was initially refused but later granted. Glory to God, who has the victory. Thank You, Jesus.

My brother Paul, who stopped preaching and was stuck in a relationship, is now able to move on and got a job. I'm waiting for God to visit him again. Thanks for praying.

Thank you TSC for praying for the mission trip. It was amazing, God is good, many souls repented, many blessed churches were packed, pastors were blessed and revived.

You have been praying for Rama and Angela for nine months for their safe pregnancies and healthy babies. Thank you so much, both had healthy children, 2 boys.

God answered my prayers I got my student visa and will resume my seminary education all Glory to Jesus Christ. Thank you all for praying Glory to God and Holy Spirit.

Trinayani was on a ventilator with a 5% chance to live. After submitting a request here, today she's out of danger - but has to be on steroids for life. Thank you for your prayers. God is good all the time.

Thank you for praying for my brother, who used to preach, but was stuck in a relationship and lost his anointing. The relationship's bond has been broken, and he needs healing. He will be announcing once again! Thank you.

Glory to God, my son got admission. God opened the door and also paid his fee. Thank you TSC for praying for my son. May God Bless your church and your pastor and keep your church as light in this dark world.