Answered Prayers - India

Glory to God. Thank you TSC, my son passed his final exam with 88% in spite of being sick for one of the exams. He had to be hospitalized for a few hours.

For a year I asked for prayer for a job. God blessed me with a job. Thank you for Praying TSC. Thank you Jesus for hearing my cry. Tank you. Please pray for Sarah.

Thank you TSC for praying for me, no more kidney stones no more pain, I am healed Jehovah Rapha, our healer. Blessed with Pastor Carter's messages for Tuesday evening prayer.

Thank you TSC for praying for me. I am able to forgive those who are troubling me. The Lord touched my body. I want to thank him for what he is going to do. Thank you.

I had requested for prayer for my niece, a victim of witchcraft. Lord touched her she is married and is living now with her hubby in Canada. Thanks TSC, praise God.

Put in a prayer request over a year ago. Dad had filed for divorce. Court dismissed his petition last week. Please continue to pray for restoration. Thank you.

TSC, I have been praying for two years for our kids to be adopted into Christian families two of them are adopted into Pentecostal families, thank you TSC, two more to go.

Lord, I am facing hostility and rejection in my office. It's becoming unbearable to be here. A lot of politics and backstabbing. False reports, allegations, mercy Lord.

Thank you TSC for praying for my Mom Hannah. Jesus healed her completely and strengthened her through His Word. We serve a living God who answers prayers. GB!