Answered Prayers - Israel

I requested prayer for Asher, who had respiratory problems and anger. He is breathing better, praise God! Let's pray for peace and for him to meet Jesus.

I praise God for your prayers! I received helpful support this week for my condition. Thank you for the prayer for abuse victims. I am a child abuse survivor.

We give praise to God for the rain that He has poured out on Israel this winter! Thank you, God, for Your mercy! Now, O God, please pour out Your Spirit.

Thank you, God. He answered my prayers. Thank you, everybody, for helping me! I have a husband and I am alive and well.

6 months stuck in Israel - homeless, unable to work or right to citizenship. Pray "stop exit" is removed and to be able to return to USA. My health is not good.

God is miraculously defending Israel! He sent a wind at the last second to divert a rocket from hitting the Azreali Towers and killing hundreds after it eluded two Iron Dome interceptors. Praise God!!

Thank you for praying Tuesday night. Very blessed and annointed love. Your prayers show so much love and genuine. Thank you.