Answered Prayers - United Kingdom

Thank you Lord for healing Leanne who had a hysterectomy recently and has been told she now doesn't have cancer. Please heal her Crohn's and liver, thank you.

Spoke to my ex-husband after 36 years, since listening to the unforgiveness message on Tuesday. He had divorced me and left his son and daughter without financial support.

My alcoholic son Chanza, prayed the born-again prayer with Pastor Tim yesterday from his sick bed. His heart is broken and needs fixing. Thank you, TSC.

I was scheduled for a C-section on the morning of May 22. Praise God, He intervened. I delivered naturally a few hours before surgery in easy labor that lasted an hour.

Prayers answered for my stressed-out husband. He's much calmer and many thanks to God through the tough times, for I'm stronger in Him now. TSC praying means so much!

I ask prayer for Danielka last night. Today June 3. A healthy baby David, was born 3. 500kg. And mum is good too. Glory to God.

The need I submitted Thursday 26.06. My problem was received in my favour. And I learned my lesson so as not to make the same mistake again. ThankYou God for no punishment.

Thank you for praying, my mum is 91-years-old. After 90 years of not believing she now does. Praise God! She now has painful, and swollen ankles. Lord, please heal her.

Thank you, TSC. Pastor Conlon read my request for healing and protection for three nurses in the family. I, with COVID-19, am now recovering well, the other two have no symptoms. Praise the Lord.

Several months ago I asked TSC to pray for my son, who was under relentless attacks with suicidal thoughts. Thank God, he no longer has these attacks.