Answered Prayers - United Kingdom

Thank you, Jesus, and TSC for your prayers for Cilla's deliverance as she had a mental breakdown. She is much better now. Praise God. Many blessings.

Thank you, Lord, for healing Dean who has Dengue fever and the coronavirus in Bali. He's much better but still on oxygen and drip, but so much better; bless you all.

Thank you for praying for Ben who had a brain tumor removed on Thursday - it was successful. Please pray that his left leg will work as there's no movement in it.

I submitted prayer request for my daughter who was having problems with work. God came through for her and gave her favour and victory.

My son Chanza is back on his alcohol recovery program and he's trying to stick to the program. Thank you TSC for your amazing prayer support.

I want to give the glory to God for baptizing Iglika with the Holy Spirit. In prayer over the phone, between the UK and Bulgaria. It is such a blessing. Great God!

I want to give all the glory to God for blessing us. In such times as this, God blessed us to repay in full our house mortgage. 17 years earlier. Only God can.

Son Chanza is abstaining from alcohol; back on AA program. Thank you TSC it's a miracle. Prayer in Jesus' name set my son free from demons. Our God is sovereign.

Hallelujah! Lord Father Jesus has answered almost all of my prayers I submitted, especially the one I sent last Sunday and I received good news the next day.

I reached out to my sister in forgiveness after 21 years of her not talking to me. We're meeting up in September. This is the start of something new. Thank you.