Answered Prayers - France

Praise the Lord! I asked for prayer for the last step of my training. It is all over successfully. God bless and keep you all!

I sent a request for prayer regarding my thesis and unsurmountable issues at work. I have managed to finish my thesis and do the oral presentation Thursday. Praise the Lord!

Thanks to prayers, my son Timothy has a new doctor and a better treatment. He is growing well, Praise the Lord! We will keep trusting the Lord until the end of the treatment. Thank you TSC.

I had no church but the Lord showed TSC to me. Your meetings really help me.
Praise the Lord! Thank you TSC!

Glory to God! No reproduction of the arch of Baal in Time Square New York. More passion and desire for Christ is needed within His body worldwide!

My son Timothy had x-rays last week because of a long term disorder. The results were better than last time and it was unexpected! Thank you TSC! We keep praying for the right treatment.

I want to give thanks to the Lord as I placed a prayer request for my inspection and it went well. Praise the Lord! There are still other exams but no more doubt, Jesus will take me through.

I asked last week for prayer for healing and a revival in my husband's prayer life! Praise the Lord Jesus. I had both!

I submitted a prayer request for salvation for my 94 year old dad. A pastor visited him at the hospital and Dad accepted Jesus as his Savior! He is now with the Lord! I had been praying for 40 years!

Thank you Lord and TSC! Anne submitted a prayer request 2 weeks ago because of multiple tumors. Now the scan has shown the tumors have gone down! We keep praying they will disappear entirely!