Answered Prayers - France

After a 4th operation on her brain, mum is now vastly improving. She is herself again and is starting to walk. Still needs prayer for eyesight and 100% recovery.

Thanks you Lord! Thanks you Jesus Christ! Thanks you Times Square Church for your prayer. My travel in fly it is very fine. I am safe.

After 4 weeks, Mamy is out of her coma and in the recovery unit. She opened her eyes, can speak, recognize her children, walk and eat on her own.
Doctors are amazed at this miracle. Glory be to Jesus.

I submitted prayer for my cousin's kitten who had typhus. He was healed in 2 weeks, which is rare for a kitten. Thank you for your prayers TSC and praise the Lord! He is now happy and is fattening.

I requested prayer for my husband to be touched with a passion and zeal for God. Praise the Lord as He has touched him! Stay blessed TSC!

I've been in depression for a year. I was at TSC for 2 months this summer and asked for prayer online about my situation. God made a miracle, He healed me in a day. No depression anymore. Thanks, TSC.

I was not able to forgive and was angry. I now understand what forgiveness is. My heart is light and happy! I was able to pray for my Granddad. The mountain has moved! Thank you, TSC!

My 10-year-old boy's blood test went well. The results came back and all is well! Thank you Lord and TSC for your love and care!