Answered Prayers - France

Thanks be to the Lord who is beginning to bless Marcus and Danyl (10-years-old) for whom I had asked for prayers. They are happy. Thanks.

God begins to answer our prayers for my divided church. Thank you, Lord. May thy glory and name be exalted by us all. Thank you, Lord. God is greater.

My mother, who has had neurosurgery, is making progress. Walking is better, but vision still bad and smells nothing, very tired. Still has many tumours.

I wrote in January about our situation being really difficult over here on many levels including spiritual and financial. Our Father in heavens in Jehovah Jirah!

I came here a year ago, I was a sub teacher then and I prayed to pass the exam to become a full teacher. I passed and I love my job. Thank you, Lord!

Thank you so much for praying for me when I was in the hospital for 4 months after brain surgery. I felt the Lord carrying me in his loving arms.

My 96-year-old mum has left the hospital. She is recovering and breathing. The doctors called it miraculous. Praise the Lord. Thank you TSC for your prayers.

Glory to God, I have been treated for infertility and PCOS for years, God healed me, my baby girl just turned one this month.