Answered Prayers - Finland

Thank you from the bottom of my heart TSC, for all the spiritual food you've been providing through the on-line services. It has been such a 'desert oasis'!

I praise God! He has heard my prayer for freedom and renewing. He has already set me free from many bondages and trust. He will continue His work in me!

God has provided graciously for our pastors big family and helped them financially.
Thank you Lord.

Pray for God to protect our reconciliation. My wife and I plan to move back under the same roof. Protection to us against evil and wicked people.

The surgery went well! Got to go home the same day and sleep in my own home with my son. My sister came over as a guest. An extra special time in the morning. God is good.

Thank you, Father! And thank you, church! My mom's cancer is healed! Today she is healed! Now, pray for salvation!

Mighty God! Many answers to prayers to report: Healed autoimmune pancreatic insufficiency, healed allergies, son's healed asthma, restored peace and finances.