Answered Prayers - Spain

Praise the Lord, my oldest brother was operated, on an eye and all went right. Continue to pray for his recovery. Thank you Lord.

The Lord gave me the answer last week during the worldwide prayer meeting when my prayer requests were read out. Also, combined by the pastor to give me the answer.

Thank you, God, for answering my prayer. For the FS to go through the first time against all the odds. God is always faithful.

The new system for Spanish post-Brexit driving licences finally opened on the 16th and my application has gone through instantly. Thank You God.

My 91-year-old stepmum is home from the hospital. After a complicated time with severe infection, safe and COVID-19 free. Hospital is in a UK hotspot. All glory to God.

Prayed for computer equipment for my 18-yr-old newly-saved son to study. School had refused as no more money. Friday they rang to say to collect the new equipment.

Because of Brexit, my driverA´s license was to expire on Dec.31, and with the COVID-19 lockdown, I waited months for an appointment. Now the Spanish government has offered an indefinite extension.

I asked prayer support for my newly-saved teens, as there is no church within a 3-hour drive. They joined a connect group and a youngster connected them to her TSC group. My son loved it.

Days ago I asked for prayer so that my retirement for absolute permanent disability be recognized. Glory to God, He responded yesterday. Thank you Lord!