Answered Prayers - Denmark

Thanks. You prayed that my house will be sold. It sold now, Hallelujah. 2 buyers had to battle for the house the last week.

Thanks, Jesus that in one week my wife and I had to choose one of the 2 existing jobs I should take. Thanks, TSC for praying.

Dear God, dear Jesus, thank you for meeting my true love, my lover and life partner, my beautiful loving girlfriend.

My cousin's baby girl has recovered tremendously after a troublesome birth. She is gaining strength day by day. All thanks to Jesus.

Please pray: That I will be convinced, if God is leading me to be part of developing a prayer meeting in Copenhagen similar to TSC. If not, let the door be closed.

I prayed for 3 months that God will lead me to someone to pray with. I am now in a prayer group lead by an old doctor. The one most on fire for Jesus is Arne at 99.

Thanks be to God. My wife Lisbeth has accepted separation instead of divorce. Our Christ will make a way through the fiery storm. Happy Easter.