Answered Prayers - Germany

Thank you that my dear father Christian was allowed home. HUGE blessing. Please keep praying with us for healing, strength and that he may have a blessed Christmas amongst all turmoil in Germany. Thank You!

Praise the Lord and bless you, TSC! My father was released from an abusive retirement home after a stroke and pneumonia. He can't walk anymore, wheelchair bound. Thanks so much for keeping him in your prayers.

My dear old father suffered a stroke and then severe pneumonia. It looked hopeless. Kept praying with you, dear TSC, he cannot walk any longer but hope is on the horizon and his brother now believes. It's a miracle!

After playing Pastor Carter's "I trust in God" on Whatsapp for my dear old father who had no other means of communication while surviving from a bad pneumonia following a stroke, several miracles occurred.

Thank you Lord and all Glory to Him! Dad will be freed from abusive retirement home after stroke and pneumonia on the 12th, just got word. By your faith you will be made whole. Oh, thank you, dear TSC!

God answered prayer. Thank you Times Square Church for standing with us in prayer, ankle is finally healing, he can even practice playing soccer again! To God be all the glory!

Thank you TSC for praying! I was comforted at once and feel God's peace now. Still I'd love my husband to come back to Jesus so much!

You prayed for my uncle's diseases. Thanks to God, his last cancer screening was really good! Nothing found! He also accepted Bible verses and a book on Jesus. Please pray for an open heart!

Glorious, glorious Name of Jesus. I am only asking that Your Name might be glorified. Thank You for the help to go forward. Thank you all for praying, I recognized the difference, I am very thankful!