Answered Prayers - Germany

I asked for prayer, that my ovarian cyst would go away. It didn't. They had to operate and found out I have endometriosis, which we now can treat early! God is good!

The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. Thanks for praying with me for a flat after one year of homelessness. All Glory to God and thanks, dear TSC!

Praise the Lord that my dear old father is still alive and not suffering majorly right now, but is very frail. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers!

My beloved father, a believer, nearly passed yesterday, still very frail. But through devout prayer, including from one of you, the worst suffering was spared.

The danger of loosing my son by the youth department is decreasing over the last months. Thank you Lord. I love You. Holy are You, you alone. Thank you Father. Malachi 17.

Thank you TSC for praying about workplace bullying. God gave me strength to withstand and I have now been partially moved out of the group with the bullying boss. I am much happier now. Praise Jesus.

Thank you, God and TSC that my old father made it through the coma, please pray with us to ease his suffering as much as possible and protect his good soul. All Praise to Him.

Today my advocate told me that the chance of me losing my child through youth office is lower than she ever thought it could be. It changed all in a few weeks. Thank you for praying, praise God.

Two days ago I asked for prayer for a husband, today I met with my ex-boyfriend and there is still so much love. Maybe he is the one but it is just a first little step, hoping in God's grace.

Thank you TSC for praying for my husband's family. 3 of his 5 siblings were arguing with their mother and had subsequently cut off contact with her. Praise God, one is now talking to her and visiting!