Answered Prayers - Chile

In 2014, I submitted a prayer request to get a job, pay all my debts and someday make it to TSC and Summit. God has fulfilled all of that. Today, I'm at TSC and going to Summit in September. Praise God!

Thank you, TSC, for helping me to pray for a boy who suddenly lost his memory. Some months after this he had two dreams in which he was able to remember all his past and remember his family again.

Long time ago I asked for prayer for a job, and when I started to lose hope God answered miraculously; and He gave me a job at the hospital I wanted. God is faithful! Thank you God, Pastor and TSC! Love you all!

Thanks God for TSC & for this oportunities to pray and fast with you, I don't know what would be of my life if it weren't for all the encouragement, sound teaching, praises & freedom I find every week

I have been witnessing & praying for a friend for 2 years & last Friday I realized she is already born again, she is going to church, reading her bible and witnessing to others. God answer prayers!!!!

My sister has been crying for three days feeling the conviction of the Holy Spirit & now she wants to go to church because she knows she must come back.