Answered Prayers - Canada

You prayed for a feisty lawyer for Kayti and God answered. So far she's good. And able to hold her own against his lawyer.

Judged ruled in favour of Kayti. The non verbal agreement was non binding. Thank you God. Thanks for praying.

Thank you so much for praying for my grandmother. She is home from the hospital. Her mind has been doing good and she is eating some. Jesus has heard our prayers!

My daughter's COVID-19 test came back negative. She works at a hospital. I pray God will continue to keep her and other front line workers safe. Thank you, Jesus.

Thanking God for miraculously bringing a caregiver to help my mum at home (not locked in a facility). Beyond grateful to Jesus, but need prayer for more caregivers!

Thank you for your prayers. My mentally ill sister moved back home to her mother's home. She is doing better. Praise God!

God, you punctured hurricane Zeta's eye as it passed over the city. You heard/responded/delivered mercy for the area petitioned. Praise and thank you for your generous grace.

Praise the Lord! Be encouraged! Friday night Jesus set me free from a 31-year struggle with bulimia! Thank you, Pastor Conlon, for preaching the truth!

Thanking Jesus for supernaturally delivering me from nightly panic attacks for the past 14 months! Pray for full healing/peaceful sleep through the night!