Answered Prayers - Bulgaria

Yesterday I asked prayer for protection and breakthrough at work. I didn't want to be fired. Today I was told I am considered for the bonus scheme. Praise the Lord!

I asked for prayer for healing. And I am healed thank you Jesus, and I ask for prayer for my husband Stoyan. The Lord has healed him. All the glory to God.
Thank you TSC for praying for us.

I have health problems. After asking for prayer the Lord has given me a way out. Now I am feeling much better. Glory be to God. And thank you TSC for praying for me.

God bless my husband. He wasn't fined for a mistake. He has not lost his job. God is merciful to us. Praise to the Lord. He only lost some days off for compensation. Thanks to the Lord Jesus.

Thank you Jesus for your love and care toward us! Tanya was unemployed for five years. Finally she has a job with a good salary! God bless you TSC for your faithfulness in prayer and fasting!

Praise God for the cessation of violence in the streets of Kiev, Ukraine! Things are far from "being normal", but God has shown mercy. Our trip to Ukraine is in two weeks. May God bring glory to Jesus.