Answered Prayers - Brazil

I want to say thanks to God. I had ten days of a psychiatric crisis and God rescued me. I am well, doing normal life, studying and having a social normal life. Prayer that I will not have that again!

Last week I asked for healing of a chronic pain in my hips for over three months due to a back problem. Since then I feel 95% better and I would like to thank God and all of you!

Last week pastor David asked to pray for healing, so I put my hand on my shoulder and asked to God heal me of this terrible pain I had already for one year. This pain has completely disappeared.

Praise God! The last exams showed success in her treatment for leukemia. May God keep her healthy forever!

Good reports from the doctors! TSC prayed for one of my best friends who is undergoing treatment for leukemia. Her last results showed good health. Please continue to pray for total remission.

I asked for prayer for God to heal the relationship between my nephew and his father. Praise God. My nephew now is speaking to his father and to the whole family; he is not bitter anymore.

I thank God for his keeping power and faithfulness in keeping me. I thank you TSC for the privilege of praying with you every Tuesday and for your prayers on my behalf.