Answered Prayers - Belgium

I asked for prayer for a Christian mum who fell into deep alcoholism. She was completely set free, came back to Jesus, and her unsaved husband is now saved!

Truly it is a year of faith and favor! I had need for new flat by 4/1/2019 and God's given me one, on top of a 9th floor building, that statisfies my criterias.

I already asked prayer for my unsaved loved one in the past. Today I rejoice because last Saturday dad told me he was addicted to porn and hard alcohol and has recently given it up. Please pray for a definitive commitment to Jesus.

Thank you, Jesus, for answering my prayers of my academic degrees. I can now work professionally, and he will provide the jobs. I trusted the Lord that it will be a YES and AMEN.

Thank you for your prayers, TSC. I asked for prayer for my husband, who was very sick. He refused hospitalization but got progressively better and is now out of danger.

Recently, I sent a prayer request concerning my sister who had to go through 12 exams, she has gone through them successfully. This person is now identified as my sister herself and not one of her former mates.

Thank you for your prayers, for I have passed my tests and I have received a positive response for my professional recognition which is halfway through. I declare Philippians 1:6 over my life, Amen.

Hi TSC friends. In the beginning of 2014, I sent a prayer request in which I asked for prayer for my family, and a part was for reconciliation. I've just come to witness it this Christmas. Thank you!

Last year, I sent a prayer request asking for prayer for reconciliation between my parents, sister and brother-in-law. My sister just opened the door to reconciliation 3 weeks ago. Now, please pray for consolidation.