Answered Prayers - Australia

All praise and glory to God who heard the prayer of His faithful servants. Son freed the same day from grief and isolation. Thanks TSC, ever strong and faithful.

God has answered all the prayers I prayed with TSC over the last 3 months (reconcile, mum-daughter, daughter gone back home, healing family, lots more). Love God. Thank you very much, TSC

As a child I was diagnosed with Dyslexia. I recently went for a test with a psychologist and today I receive the report. I don't have Dyslexia!

Praise God for He has come through for us and helped us in our youth camp. People have decided to follow Jesus, they felt loved and were touched by God.

Larry's cancer has remained stationary in checkup tests. Praise God almighty who is and will bless. Thanks to all TSC,stay strong.

Christian's open heart surgery was very successful. He was walking around the hospital ward with a big smile a few days after it. Thanks, TSC. To God be the glory.

We thank God for making a way for us to visit our son who is at Summit over Christmas, and to visit TSC as a family last week. Praise God!

Thank you, God, and those who prayed for me, to help me survive the end of a toxic unevenly yolked relationship. I am still alive. I haven't harmed in a month.

My new results for serious vision problems (which could cause blindness) was absolutely clear. The scans showed a total reversal. Praise God. Thanks to you all.