Answered Prayers - Australia

Thank you for your prayers. We submitted a prayer request two weeks ago. Yasuko's operation was successful and the biopsy showed no sign of cancer.

Praise the Lord! He answered prayer for my daughter to listen to the sermon, and she said the sinner's prayer. Also, my father said the sinner's prayer on the same day. Thank you, TSC.

We Praise God that in this difficult time His name is being lifted up around the world, and the Holy Spirit is convicting and turning the hearts of people to Him.

What a prayer meeting last week was! Praise God. In the midst of bad here comes Praises and liberation. The whole World needs JOY of the Lord. Freedom Amen!

Praise God, despite the turmoil, uncertainty, and changes in our world/lives, God hasn't changed. His word is true. He is in control and will provide, as we trust Him.

Praise our mighty God for the rain that has been falling, repairing our land. Pray that it continues and for real help to reach those who are still struggling.

Praise the Lord! After 5 months we have had a lovely bit of rain on Norfolk. Thank you. God bless you all.

Praise God - Australia was drenched in rain last week, up to 15 inches, and most bush fires are now out including a huge 1. 2-million-acre fire. God hears and answers!

We Praise and thank God that many of the bush fires in Australia are now under control or have been extinguished.

Thank you, God, TSC, and all. We prayed for rain. It's raining. Finally fresh air and the fires are topped. I'm jumping for joy! I love Jesus, Holy Spirit. Abba Daddy. Glory.