Answered Prayers - Australia

Thanks to all who prayed. God has found us a lovely home with a rent we can afford. It came at the 11th hour. We have been busy moving. Praise God for his mercies.

Prayed for my thyroid problems. The doctor said today it's getting better and better. I won't have to see the doctor again. Thank you, Jesus and all TSC. God is good to us all.

Thank you so much for your prayers. All glory to our God, the stolen forklift has been found. God is so good!

Praise God thank you, brothers and sisters, for your prayers for me. I can truly testify I'm free and tuned in with the Lord, hard drugs gone, more to come. Be watchful and remain in Me.

I asked for prayer for my aging mum suffering severe pain from a 63-year-old spinal injury - she kept trusting God and passed away 2 weeks ago pain free. Praise God!