Prayer Requests & Answered Prayers

Prayer for Jesus to help me on my job for healing in both eyes and healing in ears for Jesus to send more trainers.

. My siblings need salvation. I need personal revival / healing. I am excited to join you in prayer 1/1/2020 first time.

TEXT: Please pray that God will open my spouse's eyes that DR is a distraction and give him the power to turn away from it.

TEXT: Please pray for us that God will convict us of all our sins and give us grace and power to live an obedient life according to His Word.

I sent in a prayer request regarding direction and employment. My oldest daughter is going back to school, my youngest daughter was hired at a new job. Praise The Lord.

TEXT: Salvation for T, V, G, I, GI, GT, P, and their children and grandchildren and that they will hunger for God's will.

Please pray for my son John who is 17 years old and is very angry with God. Please pray that the Lord blesses him with a spirit of strength and assurance.

Prayer for my stepdaughter Jenny and her wife Kelsey - deliverance from the gay lifestyle, and for their son Elias - dedication to the Lord.

Accusations made by a former employer were unfounded but they are suing him and his new job. Pray for salvation and that this harassment will cease and desist.