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A Brand New Christmas

From a “Silent Night” that witnessed the birth of the Savior and a message that never grows old, Pastor Carter Conlon brings us “A Brand New Christmas” Encouraging us from the promises of Scripture, Pastor Carter reminds us not to limit God to the past-good or bad-but to know that He wants to lay hold of us in new ways!

What Can the Righteous Do?

There’s no doubt that it’s been a tragic, heartbreaking, and big year. The shooting in Orlando, the attacks in Nice, the earthquakes in Italy, and an unprecedentedly bitter presidential campaign in the U.S. which revealed the deep divisions in our society. Reading through the news, you may wonder what you can do to make an impact for good.

Psalm 11:3 says: “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Pulling from this verse, Pastor Carter asks just that, in his brand-new special for New Year’s, “What Can the Righteous Do?” Teaching from Mark 8, Pastor Carter recalls the story of Jesus leading a blind man out of a town called Bethsaida, a town that–over the course of history–had lost its purpose and its understanding of the power of God.

“Look up! Look at the cross, look at the heart of God, look at the power of God that’s available for you.” Pastor Carter reminds us that even though there’s a lot going on that we can’t control or change, there’s two things we can do to make a lasting difference. We can pray and get back to the Word of God.

As we step into the New Year–no matter what’s going on in the world around us–Pastor Carter calls each of us to courageously face our fears, obey the hand of God in our lives, and have a heart of humility that asks, “God, do you need to open my eyes to see what I need to see?”

Where Christmas Never Ends

What if the spirit of Christmas joy, love and giving were extended beyond the holiday season and into our homes each and every day of the year? Pastor Carter Conlon asks just that in his brand-new 28-minute Christmas special.

As he reflects on this glorious season through both music and message, listeners are reminded of the power of Christ and encouraged to call this power into action 365 days a year.

Interspersed with Scripture, stirring stories from his past, and a beautiful array of songs, written and performed by Pastor Carter, this radio special reminds us that Christmas doesn’t have to end as we head into the New Year. Our joy, fellowship, generosity, and–most significantly–the Christmas story can and should infiltrate all of our days and seasons.

Airing on Christian Radio Stations Nationwide and on our radio program
TSC LIVE: AM 570 WMCA, December 25, 6:00PM

Living With Terror

In the light of the recent events that have just happened here in America where we have experienced the largest mass shooting by a single shooter in Orlando, Florida-an act that has been described as terrorism-it’s so important for you and I as believers in Christ to understand from a biblical perspective how we are to respond, what we are to do. How can we make a difference in the future that’s before us?

It’s so important to recognize that we have been left in this world as lights in a darkened time. And as people who have the power of God within us to make a difference, even when so many around are living with fear, we are not to be afraid. God is going to take us, use us as catalysts for good.

Please listen with a good heart and intent ear today, and let the Spirit of God touch you as you listen to this radio devotional.

Prayer That Can Move Mountains

Pastor Carter Conlon invites listeners into the Gospel of Mark and encourages them to consider prayer that can move mountains.

During a panic attack when he was just 24 years old, Pastor Carter was released from the grip of fear into faith. Realizing he didn’t have to settle for fruitlessness or powerlessness, he stepped into the victory of Christ, believing that his prayer would not just benefit his life, but the lives of others as well.

Pastor Carter challenges us to practice forgiveness and escape the illusions of this world. God can restore our hearts, minds, marriages, neighborhoods, and nation. Our lives will make a difference when we believe that He receives whatever we lift up to Him.

The three stirring testimonies, remind us of the importance to unplug and spend deep time in prayer. We have a Father who hears and responds, and now more than ever, it’s time to pray.

A Resurrected Life

“A Resurrected Life,” a special Easter program with Pastor Carter Conlon, speaks about the power of God to transform anyone’s life from death unto life through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. By exploring Psalm 23 as his text, Pastor Carter shows us the two stages of resurrection life that will cause us to walk in God’s mercy and goodness for the rest of our lives.