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White Christmas: A Closer Look

White Christmas, composed by Irving Berlin, and sung so memorably by Bing Crosby in the movie by the same name, is familiar to many. It’s definitely a song for the season, but for more reasons than you may realize. And Carter Conlon, will take you deeper into its meaning as he digs into the Word of God in “White Christmas: A Closer Look.”

The Risen Church

What should the church look like if we are truly in Christ and Christ is in us? After all, since He is risen, we too are risen in Him! Pastor Carter Conlon of Times Square Church in New York City explores that truth and its glorious implications in his 2019 Easter special, The Risen Church.

Where’s Christmas?

How did we lose touch with this incredible Christmas holiday we once celebrated as a nation? In this year’s Christmas special with Carter Conlon, his message from Psalm 22 calls us back to Christmas the way God intended it to be! To once again celebrate the joy of God’s love gift to us-and to never stop celebrating Christmas in our heart!

In God We Trust

“In God We Trust.”

This phrase first appeared on our 2 cent coins in 1864 and has been on paper money since 1957.

It was declared to be our national motto, but is this a motto that’s still on our hearts?

Pastor Carter Conlon asks just that in this special for National Day of Prayer, In God We Trust, which focuses on the truth that God holds all power in His hands. Pastor Carter shares:

“It’s never too late to cry out to God. It’s never too late to ask the Lord to turn back our enemies … because God is still for us.”

In a time where godlessness seems to be increasing as never before, Pastor Carter reminds listeners of the power that can come from just one praying person and encourages us to never give up our trust in our heavenly Savior.

This May 3rd, for National Day of Prayer, may we come back to God as a nation and declare that no matter what comes our way, “in Him we trust.”