it's time to pray
it's time to pray

In the heart of New York City people are gathering for an explosive time of prayer every Tuesday night at 7PM Eastern Time. And we’re being joined with people from over 190 countries live online for this powerful time of prayer. Our Worldwide Prayer meeting is a time to pray for others, and we’re seeing so many of our prayers answered.

Here’s some examples, Ira from Maryland says, “Praise God for answering the consistent prayers of the righteous. Aaron, suffering a traumatic brain injury has recovered, and is driving. Thank you for your faithful prayers in Christ’s love.”

David from California says, “Tuesday during the service I prayed with my wife about a painful nerve injury to my hand, could only slightly move my fingers and could not make a fist. But after prayer, I have full mobility and no pain, WOW!”, David says. We say that with you too David.

It’s time to pray!


  1. Elda R Serna   •  

    Thank you for this message, for I need prayers for my grandson Robert.

  2. Shirley   •  

    My granddaughter suffers with Aspergers, Selective Mutism, High Anxiety Disorder... please pray for her.
    Thank you
    To God be the Glory

  3. Deborah Kersh   •  

    God is so good!

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