1. Paul R Carley   •  

    excellent as always

  2. Ron Goedken   •  

    Its a call to action in our nation today, It is a call to us to call to God. We are becoming complaicent in our society. We need to stand up for God not to Sit Down for God. There is such a rich history that God has given to us. Now, we have the opportunity go give this history to the next gene

  3. Laura   •  

    Wonderful and timely message for this season! I pray that many will take time to listen and be touched by this word from Pastor Carter which is straight from the heart of a servant of God. God bless you Pastor Carter and TSC family.

  4. Rebecca   •  

    God bless you Pastor Conlon! God bless His Son within His Church! And God bless America! Fall of 2017, I attended a Bible study my son's church offered on the book of Acts. Have never forgotten the part about the Angel of the Lord and His ministry within the storm. Have continued to ponder Ps.107.

  5. Marie Guirline Bastien   •  

    Thank you Pastor Carter for boldly proclaiming the truth to all who would listen. I thank God for you. May he continue to give you strength and courage to be light and salt.

  6. Michelle Okeson   •  

    Thank you, Spirit of God, for encouraging Pastor Carter to share this word! It is so beautiful! Thank you, Carter, for your obedience to not let a single word that the Lord has given you to fall to the ground. I really appreciate your tender heart and how it comes forth in your messages!

  7. Tim Virkler   •  

    Great insights, thank you so much for sharing and all of your hard work to be a strong leader in this day and age. My wife and I look forward to hearing messages in CT each week. When the internet was off recently, we were almost in shock - we had taken it for granted. We love you Pastor and TSC.

  8. Sheri camarda   •  

    Praise Jesus Pastor Conlon, He always encourages me through you! Merry Christmas!

  9. Marlene   •  

    Pastor Carter, thank you for this wonderful message. It definitely touched my heart, and for that reason by God's grace I will ask God to take me deeper into His word, and to pray without ceasing for our children, and for the future of our nation. Thank you, and God bless you!

  10. Rebecca Mitchell   •  

    Love you pastor amen great history lesson

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