Where’s Christmas?

How did we lose touch with this incredible Christmas holiday we once celebrated as a nation? In this year’s Christmas special with Carter Conlon, his message from Psalm 22 calls us back to Christmas the way God intended it to be! To once again celebrate the joy of God’s love gift to us-and to never stop celebrating Christmas in our heart!


  1. Deborah   •  

    My mother passed away December 7 and she was what made everyone's Christmas so beautiful all of our family feels so alone. I am trying to care for adult daughter who is mentally ill we are living in between shelters and friends and do not have a car. My adult son has fallen into despondency

  2. Laura Rivera   •  

    Thank you Pastor Carter, Glory to God. Merry Christmas to you and yr family. I'm rejoicing .

  3. Chris Robinson   •  

    Thanks for all you do and another great word Merry Christmas Joy to the world may earth truly recieve their King and be born again John 3 thanks again for another great timely message in Jesus name AMEN!!!

  4. Charleny Genoval   •  

    Thank you so much! I really enjoyed this. Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!

  5. MR.jackie casper   •  

    Thank you Pastor Carter for all your encouraging words and all the wisdom that God gives you you have a heart for people like no other you have a desire to serve like no other thank you for being my pastor you touch me every time I listen 2 the words you speak and the knowledge that God gives you

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