Where Christmas Never Ends

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Where Christmas Never Ends

What if the spirit of Christmas joy, love and giving were extended beyond the holiday season and into our homes each and every day of the year? Pastor Carter Conlon asks just that in his brand-new 28-minute Christmas special.

As he reflects on this glorious season through both music and message, listeners are reminded of the power of Christ and encouraged to call this power into action 365 days a year.

Interspersed with Scripture, stirring stories from his past, and a beautiful array of songs, written and performed by Pastor Carter, this radio special reminds us that Christmas doesn’t have to end as we head into the New Year. Our joy, fellowship, generosity, and–most significantly–the Christmas story can and should infiltrate all of our days and seasons.

Airing on Christian Radio Stations Nationwide and on our radio program
TSC LIVE: AM 570 WMCA, December 25, 6:00PM


  1. Esther Magloire   •  

    Wonderful!!! Beautiful Christmas Message!!! Thank you Pastor Carter, God Bless you and your family especially the little ones whose Poppa is special. Pastor Carter you always have "A Special" to share and it's a gem

    A friend told me having heard Where Christmas Never Ends on the radio, she was delighted and told me it's a "Must to Listen" I am glad I did, a delight and a blessing, now my turn to spread the word

  2. Charles Chauveheid   •  

    listening right in the middle of CHRISTmas eve. You sing well pastor. You seem to have hidden talents... I am glad that I came to know you through the Live Broadcasts of Times Square Church. It's now been a big 4 years that I follow you almost every Sunday. You are truly a blessing and I thank GOD for your ministry. I Wish you a very merry CHRISTmas to you and your loved ones and a blessed new year 2017. With greetings from Bressoux, Liège, in Belgium. SHALOM!

  3. Ione Snow   •  

    God bless you Pastor Carter Conlon for blessing my heart with this lovely
    special!Thank You.Merry Holy Blessed Christmas to you and yours!To TSC also.

  4. ilse gonzalez   •  

    You are a blessing, for me. I pray for you and your church. God keeps you in his hands. Say hi,please to all Tsc from Piedras Negras, Mexico.

  5. Susie Weems`   •  

    I listened to this over and over. It was a tremendous Christmas blessing and so are all your messages. I listen to Times Square messages just about every day, still enjoy some of David Wilkerson and oh so thankful that the Holy Spirit spoke through him to lead Pastor Conlon to Times Square Church. Rejoicing with you that we will be "Where Christmas Never Ends."

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