When the Voice

We are drawing near to an unfamiliar place like those who were on the ship in Acts, chapter 27. We have undertaken a journey, and we have disregarded the warnings in the Word of God. We’ve done everything we can to keep our nation together. We’ve tried to tie it together; we’ve tried to bail it out. And now we are throwing overboard those things which have been of value to us for many, many generations.

Finally the voice of truth appeared again. It was a man called Paul, and he told the people that the ship will be lost and we will be cast in to an unfamiliar place. But God is willing to show mercy in spite of the arrogance and the ignorance of the direction in which we have taken.

I speak to those who can still hear in America today. We have undertaken a journey that will cause our nation to land in an unfamiliar place. God is willing to show mercy, but first, we have to pray.

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