When a Nation Becomes Foolish

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
When a Nation Becomes Foolish

In Psalm 14 verses 1 and 2, the psalmist David says, “the fool says in his heart there is no God,” and then of course believing that there is no God, they begin to be corrupt and do abominable works and the society degenerates to the point where there is almost nobody doing good anymore. What a tragedy to see this kind of a thing happening again in our day, but verse two gives us hope.

It says, “the Lord looked down from Heaven upon the children of man to see if there were any that did understand and did seek God.” Just like the days of Ezekiel in chapter 22 verse 30, God says, “I sought for a man, I sought for somebody who could stand in the gap for the nation.” Let it not be said of our generation that we came to the place where nobody could be found.

It is time for you and I to pray.


  1. Julie Airis   •  

    Carter, you are (a man) and I pray for you!
    My friend Tom Doyle of”Standing in the
    Fire” is (a man) my friend Luis Palau is
    Diagnosed with lung cancer and planning a Bogata Columbia outreach in August is (A man)

    I tremble for young men who desperately
    need (a man) to disciple them in this time!

    So I cry out for men of courage, faith, integrity to man up, arm up and take
    ground from the devil and for Christ!

    Love you man of God,

    Julie Airis from Mercer Island, WA

    • Julie Airis   •  

      I did above

  2. Frannie Antonucci   •  

    pls continue to pray for teresa and tom that he would save them and heal their marriage.for wisdom and direction for me and His anointing an dhealing in ministry thank u

  3. Dana Garner   •  

    Can you pray for me . I have Parkinson’s and I have the flu right now. I feel like I can’t breathe. Pray God would heal me.

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