We Are Rejoicing with You

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
We Are Rejoicing with You

In New York City, at Times Square Church, we have a worldwide prayer meeting every Tuesday night at 7pm, Eastern Time. People are now joining us from one hundred and sixty-six countries around the world. They’re submitting prayer requests, and God has been answering these prayers and cries in a profound way.

Here’s one from Melbourne, Australia: “I had asked prayer for my friend suffering from depression. Now she is healed. Thanks for your prayers.”

And here is Kurt from NY: “Thank you, Pastor Carter and TSC for your many prayers in the past year for my son, Will, who was battling heroin addiction. He is back from California with our family and is free from drugs. Our Lord be praised!”

And Al from Florida says: “I found my adult daughter on Facebook. Pray for deep forgiveness and His truth to be ours this year.” We rejoice with you.

It’s time to pray.


  1. carole hutchison   •  

    Praise God for all blessings

  2. Darlene   •  

    Please pray for my daughter, grandson and granddaughter who are addicted to drug that God would set them free. Also for daughter Kerri that God would repair her relationship with her son and daughter,,,she is such a mighty warrior for God, goes just where he tells her and her cry is for her children salvation. For my husband good health as he serve our church as a deacon. His hearts desire is to serve wherever he can. For my self I ask for healing of my lung from asthma and copd
    Praising God for how he loves us and that you are a mighty servant and that He would bless you Pastor Carter with all his best.

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