Waiting for the Ball to Drop

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Waiting for the Ball to Drop

As the famous ball descends from One Times Square, over a billion people will be watching from around the world, saying farewell to the old year and welcoming 2016.

From the unique vantage point that is Times Square Church-literally in the midst of these revelers-Pastor Carter Conlon speaks to “WAITING FOR THE BALL TO DROP.” It’s a challenging message-a message for millions who are hoping for a better year ahead.

In I Kings the people of Bael (ironically pronounced Ball) looked hopefully to a false god when all they had to do is turn around to see Him. The biblical story–and the testimony of a Broadway actor and a former modern-day Mafia member-remind us that we have only to face Him to find hope.

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  1. Eva   •  

    It is so much to say but one thing I must say that one time in 2007 I came out from California cause my mom was very ill and my marriage was broken and I prayed that God would show me what my ex husband was doing and I will leave, as I came back home to NY as I spent time with my mother and decide to go see the ball drop cause many days growing up here in NY never saw it live but on a black and white TV,well as I arrived to 42nd I stopped at McDonald's to use the restroom and the police directed people down 50th street I wasn't happy but still was excited to be downtown I was cold but bored and I meet people and I looked at the winter theater but did noticed time square church cause of the TV screen and stuff but I knew in my heart I should been praying in the new year in a church but where? So after the new year was in I was looking for my childhood friend whom I lost contact with so many years, I finally found her and she brought me to Time Square Church and I looked across the street and to my amazement I saw the Winter theater and I knew this Church is whrer you can truly say the Spirit of God moves

  2. Ione Snow   •  

    Thank you Pastor Conlon for this wonderful message and testimonies.
    Brought tears to my eyes.I agree in prayer with you that many turn away from false things that dont bring satisfaction or peace and that people turn to Jesus for real peace and salvation.He alone has the answers for our lives.God Bless you.

  3. Frida   •  

    Pastor Carter, thank you for finding this message of Hope.Its true all of it.Gods way is the right way. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

  4. Kelly Barndt   •  

    I grew up in a small town with no expectations in life. My parents took me to a church where a few generations of my family attended & were founding members. Their faith is what led them. But by my generation things had gotten more complicated. I had lots of confusion about what to believe, was God Catholic? Was He protestant? Why so many religions? At some point I started calling myself an Experientialist. I believed in my experiences. In the late '80s I was an Art Major in Grad School because I didn't know what else to do. I was involved with the occult, after years of searching for answers. I wanted truth. I would pray to Truth, then one day I was in contact with a new pastor at my parents' church who had gone into ministry because of Pastor David Wilkerson's outreach program when he was 12. It reminded me of a similar experience I had when I was 12. A proverbial ball started rolling & 10 years later I was baptized at Times Square Church & the Lord revealed HIS Truth to me & He delivered me from my continual search. The Lord is good! I now live in Times Square & I have done so much more in my life than I ever expected. I'm not rich financially, but, I know what is important & I seek the Lord's presence not the world's presents!:) thank you & the Lord for continuing this ministry. It's a different Times Square than 25 yrs ago but the same empty promises can be found in the high end storefronts. If I could just have, those shoes, or that hat or this apartment! The Lord is what we need & He is awesome & He knows the desires of our hearts!

    • Scott   •  

      Bob-Matt wanted me to have you put some prayers out-please pray for Matt's friends that have been injured or killed in the last week in afganistan: Killed in action-Cpl Joshua Ashley (Military Working Dog Handler). Say a prayer For The Ashley Family and II MEF K9 wounded in action: Cpl Joey Singer (mililtary working dog handler) say a prayer for the singer family II MEF K9-his mom has been flown to Germany-Joey is in very very critical condition-not sure if he will make it. Suicide:name withheld-the young man just got back from Afghanistan. Shot himself and left a wife and new baby. Had been deployed several times.Bob is having a very hard time-please put in a little prayer for him-thanks bob. love ya brother

  5. Yvette Taylor   •  

    Good word Pastor Carter. God bless you

  6. Chris Garnet   •  

    Excellent! No more of the empty promises from the false prophets of Bael.

  7. Bessie Frazier   •  

    A needed message for a TIME LIKE THIS. All praises to God for this message of doing the work that is needed, in order that ALL may have a chance to hear and come into the knowledge of Him. Father continued to strengthen your servants to stand boldly in proclaiming Your truth, in Jesus name, Amen.

  8. Dave   •  

    Thank you Pastor Carter for your love and faithfulness for truth. TSCNYC.ORG has been such a blessing over the years. I have such a great road to grow in my walk with the Lord, but am truly starting to see Christ speaking barron dead areas of my spiritual life into existence as it always was. Only God can give me that which I do not possess one my own. Please continue to pray for me that I will become all he has for me.!

  9. Elizabeth Ayala   •  

    Thank you Pastor Carter for your obedience to the Lord and for sharing this message he put on your heart. I listened to it at home on New Year's Eve and was blessed and encouraged.

    I will be passing it on to friends and family!

    God bless you, Pastor Teresa, family and TSC family.

  10. B.J. Johanningmeier   •  

    Thank you Pastor Carter for speaking the truth.

  11. Grace Cava   •  

    Thank you pastor for a message that I believe comes from the heart of God. In this hour of grave and deep darkness may the power of God arise in the hearts of all of God's people. To be once again the people of Pentacost in an hour that will ignite the lost to the saving knowledge of our precious Lord Jesus. I to believe in the power of prayer and if there was ever a time dear Jesus by the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, May our hearts be awakened to the hour in which we live, that are prayers be ignited to see the lost saved the backslidder come home again to walk in unity to put aside pettiness, offences, forgive and extend mercy and Grace. God bless you Pastor. Sister Grace

  12. Frid peron   •  

    Dear Pastor, what a message!, How can this encouragement be missed. All these words were given to us in the Bible.I was one of those people who thought it was all about having a good time on New Year's Eve.Now I have my good times with God,! loneliness is gone along with needing to drink on that Day. To quote my Brother",Christmas is everyday not the one day. We need to follow Christ example everyday with Love and kindness " ! God Bless You Pastor for your work in Christ.

  13. Grace   •  

    Thank you for a wonderful and timely message. God bless you and all at times square church as you advance the kingdom of God.

  14. Sean Hewitt   •  

    Thank You Pastor Carter

  15. Elaine Bennett   •  

    I sit today knows God loves us to much,and if we truly seek God with all that we are God is faithful and answers prayer.My son at the age of 34 years old ,has answered the call of Christ to serve Him,what a beautiful blessing to see him to desire Gods will and purpose to be lived out though his life,It has been over a year and a half and the grace and mercy in his life grows in His love for Christ,we all see the hand of God working in and though his life.I thank God for this blessing of seeing my son walking and serving The Lord with all his heart.Glory to God for His faithfulness,also praying for my daughter Naomi and her children Ty,Zoe.Trusting in the promises of God.......Elaine

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