Victory In Prayer

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Victory In Prayer

Every Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm Eastern Time, here in New York City, we have a time of prayer that is attended by people from over 170 countries, live, via the Internet. People are sending us their prayer requests, but we’re also blessed to see the praise reports. Let me just share a couple of those with you today.

Jamie from Queens, New York, writes in and says, “God is so good; my husband Terry has been sober now for 62 days and counting. It’s been a long time but when God’s time comes, it comes. The Lord is amazing. I want to scream from the rooftops how awesome He is.”  Well, Jamie, we rejoice with you.

Here is somebody now from Wasilla, Alaska, “Praise the Lord my son is out of jail and is appreciating me and his dad. He wants to go forward. Pray for discipleship.” We will pray for you, those of us here in New York City that gather with you to pray every Tuesday night.

God bless you. Remember, it’s time to pray.


  1. ELIA Quintero   •  

    please pray for a Dear Lady: that just recently accepted the Lord jesuscrist into her heart. She has suffer a great deal of difficulty and long painful recovery. she had a stroke during a heart transplant. and every day is a strouggle, she lost the ability to speak, and te stroke has made her lef arm paralized also her lef leg.
    her name is LYNN and dispite her enfermity she believe and I believe with her for a healing miracle in her life. thank you

  2. ana   •  

    Please help me pray for the salvation of my family, and help me pray for my brother David he needs a good job.

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