Until That Day, Pray

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Until That Day, Pray

Psalm 119 beginning at verse 81, “My soul faints for your salvation, but I hope in your word. My eyes fail from searching your word, saying when will you comfort me? For I have become like a wine skin and smoke, yet I do not forget your statutes.

Today I want you to know this: you’re not the only one who feels the way you do. Many others are in the same struggle and many have gone through it before you. God never forsook them, and He will never forsake you. He will not allow this test to overwhelm you. He will clear the pathway that you can’t see right now and call you to follow Him to victory there. Until that day comes, pray. Pray like you haven’t before. Pray with an honest heart, let your prayer become a cry.

God loves you–I want you to know that today.

It’s time to pray.


  1. Judy M.   •  

    Have been in this tunnel 4 years, but the Lord is with me. I was reading Psalm 119 about a month ago and standing on the verse that says: Let me not be ashamed of my hope...Today I have Jeremiah 31:15-17 on my chalkboard in front of me. My grandchildren were raised in my home to know and follow Jesus. Much wrong has been done but there is hope in my end that they shall come again to their own border. They are not living in open sin, but I fear they are straying.I am 500 mi. away,but GOD!!!!!

  2. Deborah   •  

    Oh How I needed this today
    Thank you blessed Holy Spirit

  3. Thomas Holland   •  

    What a beautiful prayer. Thank you.

  4. Anonymous   •  

    How I needed this word earlier today! And God brought it to mind again tonight as my sister and I was praying on the phone. We both been going through so much. I sent her a screenshot of it. We prayed tonight as never before. I am comforted, I am strengthened. And God helped me through a very difficult time today using this word. We are not alone brothers and sisters. We chose to live for Jesus, and we been going through stuff.BUT OUR GOD HAS NOT FORSAKEN US! Victory is on it's way for us!

  5. Jennifer   •  

    Thank you for that encouraging word. Blessed Assurance.

  6. Joshua perez   •  

    Thank you so much really needed to be reminded of this

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