The Risen Church

What should the church look like if we are truly in Christ and Christ is in us? After all, since He is risen, we too are risen in Him! Pastor Carter Conlon of Times Square Church in New York City explores that truth and its glorious implications in his 2019 Easter special, The Risen Church.


  1. Carol Larkin   •  

    Thank you for this inspiring message!

  2. Natalia   •  

    I’ve been praying to know God’s will - is it bible college? Preaching? He impressed on me to “soak in my Word, love the people you work with”. I work in a health centre in a prison. Praise God for the personal confirmation in your Easter message Pastor Carter! I did hear right and my faith arises!

  3. Helena   •  

    Thank you Pastor Carter for this amazing message❤️ This message really encouraged me to be a gardener, a friend, and a servant as our Lord was and is to us. Through our love from God, many people will be deeply touched one more time!

  4. Erin   •  

    Thank you, I needed this tonigbt... gave me such comfort. And answers.

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