The Resurrection of America

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
The Resurrection of America

Reflecting the core message of his ministry, Pastor Carter Conlon newly and uniquely addressed the importance of prayer even as we celebrate the Easter season.

“This is one of the most important radio specials I have ever done.  Speaking from 2 Chronicles 6, the special coincides with a great gathering of people who will be praying for our nation — in the place where this nation first began 400 years ago in Plymouth, Massachusetts.”

Pastor Carter Conlon


  1. Chris Robinson   •  

    Ask pray and as you do may the People come like you said in this message knowing only Jesus the Church must be the hospital to the storm also Prophetic message Matt 7:7-11 to the carona virus I bodly pray only Jesus the touch from God in this storm may they come to you AMEN!!!

  2. Benson Thomas   •  

    I was at this service in NYC. Remember this word clearly. Powerful presence of God. I left filled in the spirit with a fresh annointing. (Ben from TSC NJ)

  3. Janet   •  

    1 month ago, at my church's Wednesday night prayer meeting in Scarborough, Maine, a man drove to our church walked into the prayer meeting of about 10 people and said "is this where you have prayer?" He then asked for prayer and to know Jesus...he said he knew this is where God wanted him to come

  4. Karen Mitchell   •  

    A powerful reminder! I got excited as I listened. In fact, Pastor, I have a photo of you standing with my sister & brother in law at TSC. I have been praying for my sister for 30 years and I had prayed that they would meet you on their trip to NYC. This picture is my testimony of God to her! Believe

  5. Donna   •  

    Thank you for shepherding me for all these years. God bless

  6. Shawna   •  

    YES! What an incredible message! I believe God has been preparing us for such a time as this. Now, brothers and sisters, IT IS TIME TO PRAY!

  7. Ken   •  

    What a powerful message. Is there a video of this sermon on the YouTube channel?

  8. Virginia Sikes   •  

    Thank you so much for hearing the voice of God and having the boldness to preach it. God bless you greatly.

  9. Deborah   •  

    Jesus , please make a way for me to celebrate Passover April 8 to April 16 with four bride I long to have fellowship locally

  10. Dennis Herring   •  

    I am one of those bound by chains. Please,please pray for me. Demons have caused chronic sickness.They revealed themselves. Now I know. Oh, please, please pray for me,for deliverance. My name is Dennis Herring, Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. Lord Jesus have mercy on me, a sinner.

    • Dennis Herring   •  

      Because of the sickness, there is also addiction to medicines, both pharmaceutical and supplements. Please please pray for me. Oh, Lord Jesus, have mercy on my, a sinner. oh Lord have mercy.

  11. Marie   •  

    This message is such a blessing. I have shared it with friends and family members. Thank you Pastor Carter.

  12. Ramon J Jimenez   •  

    I thank GOD for pastor carter conlon, for the Faith he has.GOD has kept me in the work place,NYU Winthrop hospital where covid 19 took over. I have been praying for the patients,as I draw there bloods to help test the virus and get them better. Pray that I may plane the seed of faith, who need GOD

  13. leonardo carmenatty   •  

    this message is such a blessing thank you for the word of GOD it was powerful GOD be the GLORY

  14. leonardo carmenatty   •  

    hearing your message again JESUS JESUS GLORY TO YOU...HALLELUJAH.i feel the same i need more of JESUS everyday every second i ask GOD TO OVER FLOW me so i can keep letting it out to others.its time to let the world know he loves them and he is coming soon.thank you for the word GOD puts in you.AMEN

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