The Resurrection: An Answer for This Generation

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
The Resurrection: An Answer for This Generation

Much of what is taught in this generation, and even in a couple that have already passed, is simply a gospel that looks to see what it can gain from the Cross of Jesus Christ.” —Carter Conlon

In “The Resurrection: An Answer for this Generation,” a 28-minute special airing on Christian radio stations nationwide, Pastor Carter Conlon says “we have tried to be Christian and Christ-like in our own strength. But we have lost our Savior, in great measure.” He admonishes listeners to get back to Biblical Christianity, in preparation for the dark days ahead.

Pastor Carter Conlon notes that the first Christians “moved immediately from self-preservation to a focus on others.” They were not focused on what they could gain from Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Their hearts were fixed on how they could best serve Jesus as His ambassadors, and get the Good News out to the world.

We’re going to have to learn to be the Church of Jesus Christ again. We’re going to have to go back to the basics, and we’re going to have to find our joy in truth, not in exterior forms of religion.”

Pastor Carter’s Easter message is powerful and life-challenging, woven among the testimonies of ordinary men and women who’ve been to the foot of the Cross-and are stepping out of a place of prayer, empowered by God with a vision for the future.


William Carrol

Mark Steele

David Mera

Cheryl Rochester

Brenda Massiel Meja

Myo Campbell

Lisa Camme


  1. mark steele   •  

    i listened to my story...and i cried. And i thought, maybe it's i sent it out to my family and close friends. I am just believing that God will be God and open doors and breakdown barriers. Thank you for this opportunity.

    • Blanca   •  

      Amen, just trust God he is in control, we will never be able to do nothing in our own, When I heard your story it reminded me of my self, I hadn't have the same testimony as you, but, after being in church all my life I recently really realized that it was always me trying to be good for God and that was the wrong way, because it will never be my strenght, but it will be the grace, the mercy, the love ,the strenght of God whom will take me to a newness that I can never have done on my own, keep the faith brother David, God for sure loves you and your family and He can do it all, he will bring your family to Crist

  2. SermonIndex   •  

    Powerful truths and a word for the body of Christ today. Share this with others saints.

  3. Linda Barton (Terra)   •  

    I have many groups on Facebook, trying to get the word out of the prophecies that are being fulfilled and witnessing for Christ saving grace.

  4. Jani Rolly Paul   •  

    Thank you for these testimonies of newness of life.
    Praise God! He has set me free from the chains of spiritual abuse.

  5. Charles   •  

    Thank you Bro Carter for sharing. I share your vision. And this is my cry: Please, LORD, come and change me from the inside out. I wanna life-change experiences and be a powerful and living, consistent and pertinent testimony of who YOU are!!!

  6. Charles   •  

    Thank you Bro Carter for sharing. I share the vision. This is my cry: "Please, LORD, change me from the inside out. I wanna get life-change experiences. I wanna be a powerful and living, consistent and pertinent testimony to this generation of who YOU are!!!

  7. Blanca   •  

    Love this testimonies, I have to go to work after the first service on Sundays, so I can never be at church on second or third service, and this is an amaizing way for me to heard what God has done in the lives of other brothers and sisters at church.
    God bless you all and thank you for this Web dite.

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