The Prayer of the Righteous

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
The Prayer of the Righteous

Psalm 34, beginning at verse 14, “Depart from evil and do good; Seek peace and pursue it. The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their cry. The face of the Lord is against those who do evil, to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth. The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears.

I am very, very concerned about the evil speaking that has become part of our present-day culture. The word of caution I’d like to bring to you today is as believers in Jesus Christ; if you and I are going to make a difference, if we’re going to go to the throne of God, if our prayers are going to be heard, we have to put away from us evil speaking. We have to be ambassadors of peace, seeking it and pursuing it.

The Bible says, “God would listen to us, and God would hear our cry, when we choose to walk and do what is right.”

It’s time to pray.


  1. Brigitte   •  

    My daughter’s fiancée was killed in front of her eyes on June 19 in the Bronx. I am a servant of the Lord and I am so broken. I lost myself and cursed at his family because I felt they were doing underhanded things. Things that break my heart more. I understand more now how Jesus felt when he spoke truth and others came against him plotting evil. Please keep us all in prayer, especially me.

  2. Jason Doherty   •  

    Amen! I'm preparing for a Bible Study this Friday and your devotion is in line with what God is leading me to. I'm to teach on Ephesians 5: 3-14, "3 But fornication and all uncleanness or covetousness, let it not even be named among you, as is fitting for saints;4 neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks..." Thank you for say YES to God. It is time to pray!

  3. chris Robinson   •  

    Matt 5:6 4:4 James 5:16 Do we see the much is John 10:10 the lie has nothing but a true heart can interceede on behalf of the hopelesness all around and never forget our Prayer is a reward of 1 thing 1Pet 1:9 Rev 7:9 outcome Jonah learned this Jonah 2:9 and we do to 1 Sam 15:22-23 now go recieve your blessings AMEN!! God bless you all and thanks for all you do AMEN!!!

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