The Miracle On Ice

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
The Miracle On Ice

John chapter 19, and verse 30: “So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, ‘It is finished,’ and bowing His head, He gave up His spirit.”

In 1980, when a team of college hockey players beat the Soviet national team, we witnessed arguably the greatest victory in hockey history. It came to be known as the miracle on ice. Jim Craig, the USA goaltender, announced yesterday that he’s auctioning off all of the souvenirs from that game-all of his equipment and even his gold medal-for the sake of his children’s future. Supposedly, it’s worth about a million dollars.

It makes me wonder: Are we who have known the victory of the cross willing to do the same for those who are coming after us? Can we let just a few things that are precious to our hearts go, or are we going to keep the miracle on ice?

It’s time to pray.


  1. Elena   •  

    Precious words Pastor!! Yes I'm sure we all have come to realize we need to put up our treasures,come to Christ!! We are holding on to many idols!! I love your posts and I am a woman in a shelter but,yes I have greatly come closer to God reading your broadcast has help me to realize get over the fire,forget my hate against the landlord who is evil

  2. Elena   •  

    Thankyou Pastor Conlon for these posts you send me,I have gotten so much joy!! Thankyou I told my husband in Pretoria SouthAfrica about your posts.I have played down my idols..I am able to get over my anger!! Someone gave me a Bible yesterday Pastor I been praying for a Bible..a woman just walked up and gave me a Bible!!!

  3. Elena   •  

    May the Lord richly bless you dearPastor Conlon thankyou for send me these posts!!! O thankyou jesus for helping me to quit worry and look at Jesus who gave all he had on that cross. I'm so happy about the Bible this woman gave me,my face is smiles not anger.God help the landlord to find Jesus and help me to get closer to you Jesus!!

  4. Elena   •  

    It's amazing if that guy can give up all he held as such precious his old memorabilia how much more can I give up crying and in stead be giving prayers to the living Saviour who provides me a roof even in.a shelter??? How much more should
    I be stead of think about the things I lost in the fire...God can supply my every need if I hold on ...

  5. Elena   •  

    It's prayer time..,God please help us all to give up our idols. God wants us to come boldly to the throne and seek him not idols..God please bless the young lady who just showed up and gave me a Bible.
    I'm ready to give up my past mistakes pray for the people who need desperate prayers just like I needed that bible.God thankyou!!

  6. Elena   •  

    God Bless you all,may we be strong in the power of Jesus Christ who can heal,save,give me a place to live in time..may you all be healed miracles do happen when we believe I do believe all things can abd possible if we draw near to the Lord Jesus...these posts every morning help me a lot!! Thankyou I pray God Bless you Pastor and all your church family.

  7. Elena   •  

    Now I know what the Lord has required of me,thank God no matter how it looks,no matter what you are going through we need a Saviour we need a delivered Jesus Christ! God please touch somebody today from all pain so they can have a praise! Touch me,to give up my idols give my life fully Jesus!!

  8. Elena   •  

    God thankyou,for that Bible thankyou for the air I breathe...I am.believe God will hear my prayer need a place to live,need a lot of things but mostly need to be closer to God.God thankyou for all you are goin me please bless my papers to come soon. I need my papers so I can get help. God Bless my husband in Africa too.thankyou

  9. Elena   •  

    Thankyou again O God,thankyou for all you going to do.for me.Please help my friends here in the shelter too many have given over to hurt anger sorrow...please make a way for one sister who has given.up she speaks often of taking her she no longer goes to her get over the Jesus name give her a will to live!! Forgive

  10. Elena   •  

    Bless this people who have given me a place on here to share,pray witness and just get closer to Jesus.God Bless everyone in Jesus we are safe.we can give up our groans our lament we can be free!!
    We can.give up.our idols.our bitterness we can give joy sing pray thankyou for these posts thankyou again a hundred fold in Jesus name

  11. Elena   •  

    Lord Jesus please bless this ministry becuz it has much I have such a happy incontinence now!!! I'm happy in stead of angry. Thankyou for share Jesus and thankyou all there at your church I be walking down the street joy over flows wow! Since getting that Bible so very happy thankyou Jesus...Love fr Elena

  12. Elena   •  

    Thankyou Jesus for that Bible this young woman just walked up and gave me.God Bless those who were like me,Bless them to cast all their burden on the cross pray seek.God. God We believe we do need you to help us we can't all alone. You are the great one who wipe every tear.we need you Jesus every min. Every hour help those in.need today

  13. Elena   •  

    Lord you know my name you know all about my situation.You know that my days are happy becuz ha ha someone cared.Thankyou Jesus for everyone who needs a closer look at you.Thankyou for those who enlighten go from sickness to.healing because this ministry cares pray for people in need makes room at the cross...amen!!

  14. Elena   •  

    Thankyou precious Jesus I ask a prayer heavy heart of a sweet lady online she has a son who is mental not stable his name is Leland. This mother asks constantly for the father of Leland give up.his anger help her to pray they are struggling.Lord Jesus nothing impossible for you.Restore this family Help Leland her son get complete healing. Get help in jesus

  15. Elena   •  

    We realize in the twinkle of an eye God can restore anyone. I.have to admit I been pretty angry prior to receive these posts! God send a woman to give me a Bible it has me so.happy.I had been.praying for some how God give me a Bible. He did! God touch those who.have wrong Me to give over to.Christ. amen

  16. Elena   •  

    May the Lord richly bless everyone on here.I am.grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ and grateful to your ministry. I believe a new me is all I needed was to come to.grips with a lot of my self-esteem better worship Christ then.complain all the time.God loves a cheerful heart and to just being so.happy he gave me a new look.on my life.

  17. Elena   •  

    May the Lord bless all those who were like me,angry tired withdrawing from society....God can do what no one else can do...he can save us from our sins.He can do more than we can imagine. I.have a dear thought I.have a plan begging God open just one door for me to be able to find a place of my own. happy but even.through tests trials I.gotta praise. Thankyou

  18. Elena   •  

    God loves the prayers he loves me he loves you no matter what it looks like or how we feel...he is there!! He really is...may God Bless help those who are suffering through the horrible attacks We hear about things happening in New York.among other Places.let's pray God intervene God help.those can.not help themselves in.Jesus heart goes out all.

  19. Elena   •  

    We must pray for ourselves we must pray God help those who are under siege. We must never give up on prayer...prayers really do change things. I know from things have changed in my life thankyou again for these moments of happiness.when we pray we are opening up to.God We are allowing Him to.shine through our weary days God can.and he will resolve what ever the problem. Amen.

  20. Elena   •  

    FatherGod I don't know where when.or how but I believe in you Jesus the Saviour I.believe it will.not be long I.gonna find a place to stay... I.just gonna take care of me. Take care of my husband in Pretoria south Africa. We will be together soon too in.Jesus name. My husband may the Lord richly bless you I.know my husband is working hard so I.can come to Africa be with him. Thankyou Jesus we adore you.

  21. Elena   •  

    Dear Precious Jesus Please help the women here not to argue,fight but give all our cares our wants our needs over we don't have to fight or argue give it all to.God in prayer. God can do more than we ever ask.or think!! Thankyou Pastor Conlon I appreciate this time precious time we need prayers from.the small to.the big stuff we need. A saviour Jesus to save us I realized I'm not alone.

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