The Hope of His Calling

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
The Hope of His Calling

It’s no doubt that now, more than ever, our nation is in need of hope. In view of all that’s been in the news recently-children held hostage in their own home, sexual misconduct, school shootings-it’s hard to fathom living in this world without the hope of Christ.

This Easter, Pastor Carter Conlon presents a brand-new radio special for Easter, “The Hope of His Calling”-a message filled with hope during a season of doubt and skepticism. Listeners will come away reminded that the victory of a resurrection life is not at all about us, but all about Him.

Pastor Carter encourages us to have faith and vision … for when we walk confidently believing in who God is, nothing can come in the way of all that He has destined us to be. He encourages us to pray: “Lord what would you have me do? What is your hope for my calling in this world? May this be your prayer, may it be your strength, may it be your future, may it be your all in all.”


  1. Sue   •  

    Thank you.

  2. Louise Davis   •  

    Thankyou Pastor Carter. This message reminded me of who I am in Christ.

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