The Arrow

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
The Arrow

The book of first Samuel, chapter 20 tells us about a season in David’s (the future king of Israel) life where he was in crisis. His friend, Jonathan, shot an arrow into the field and told David, “The arrow is beyond you. Make speed; haste, stay not!” In other words, the ways of God are not always understandable by our natural minds. What looks to be a crisis can sometimes be an opportunity for God to show His power on behalf of His people.

Sad to say, David became focused on his own preservation, only to lead himself and others into a series of events that ended up in loss and despair. But when he began to pray again, not only he but the nation was put back on the road to recovery.

My word to you today is that the ways of God are beyond us, but not beyond God. Make speed; haste, stay not! Start to pray.

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    May our God ways be fulfilled in our life's

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