Thank God

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Thank God

I personally invite you to join us for Worldwide Prayer. You can join us here in New York City or online every Tuesday at 7PM Eastern Time. We pray for the needs of others, as people from all around the world send in their prayer requests and their answered prayers. We are encouraged as we hear the many answers to prayers like this one from Oklahoma, “My niece’s husband Dale who had a heart attack and was unconscious last week is off life support and has been moved to the cardiac unit–no neurologic damage.”

And from Canada, Toronto, “Praise God and thank you for praying with me. My brother’s arms and hands that had become numb and he couldn’t use, he can now feel and he’s able to use them again.”

From California, “Thank you TSC prayer warriors for praying for Kelsey. After three weeks in a coma, three doctors declared her brain dead but she’s now been able to breathe without support.” Thank God, it’s time to pray!


  1. Samuel   •  

    Thank you Time square Church for being a voice of Prayer
    In our World today. And he prayed again has been a blessing
    to me personally leaning to prayer like never before. God
    Bless pastor Carter and the entire team Shalom

  2. Ana   •  

    Please help me pray that my brother David find a really good job.

  3. Brian   •  

    Help I'm drowning in a sea of disappointment. Yes God has answered many prayers and opened up many doors. The Harvest is so ripe. The prayer and I'm asking God why doesn't he answer we need workers for the Harvest at this time there are 22 children that will come to Sunday school we visit 85 throughout the neighborhood. It's like the book of Acts God has open doors to the quadriplegics to the poor and the poor in spirit given us a handicap van as a tool. A house that is an emergency stay. Help

  4. NOTICE Ronald   •  

    praise be to the Lord for who he is.! God is good.please keep me in your prayer , i am from Jacmel Haiti.I am in process to go to summit for the fall 2018. help me pray please , in other my sponsors will have money to pay the school and finding the Visa too. thank you so much. may God bless you all.

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