Testimonies of Thanksgiving

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Testimonies of Thanksgiving

I personally want to invite you to join us for Worldwide Prayer. You can join us here in New York City or online every Tuesday at 7PM Eastern Time. We gather together to pray for the needs of others, as people from all around the world send in their prayer requests and their answered prayers. We are encouraged as we hear the many answers to prayer, like these ones:

Here’s one from Tonet in California, “Thank you Times Square Church, my friend was in need of a car. Thank God, she purchased one this weekend. The Lord is also restoring her relationship with her daughter.” Praise God.

And here’s Pat from the Bronx, “Last Tuesday I needed an oven to be able to make Thanksgiving dinner. The landlord wanted to give me a used one, but on Wednesday he gave me a brand new one. My super now wants to know about the God who cares for even the smallest prayer.” What a great praise report; thank you so much, Pat.

Remember, it’s time to pray!

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  1. Claribel   •  

    Dear Pastor Carter & TSC, I praise the Lord & am grateful for you all. So many of the prayer requests I’ve submitted have been answered & the rest are on their way according to God’s will. Thanks for the encouragement & making this powerful tool available to whosoever will. May all God’s people continue fighting the good fight of Faith for The Battle is The Lord’s!!! He will do & fulfill all He said He would. May He grant us all the will & strength to continue faithfully for His Glory.

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