Take Up Your Mat

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Take Up Your Mat

There has been explosions of faith in our Tuesday night worldwide prayer meeting here at Times Square Church, in New York City, and live on the Internet. People who are joining us for prayer are experiencing tremendous victories. Let me share a couple of them with you.

Here is one from Valley Stream: “Thank God for TSC pastors. . . NOW I believe prayers work! My son Emmanuel is free from drugs, he is off the street, now he is in college, free from depression. Hallelujah, I feel like jumping. God is able!” We rejoice with you today.

And here’s another one from Michigan: “Thank You, Lord, for my recent ‘Get up, take your mat, and walk’ moment. God helped me face a longstanding area of fear and opened up a new avenue of freedom! Praise Jesus!” Well, we bless God with you; thank God for your deliverance.

Remember, everybody who is listening, it’s time to pray



  1. Ronelle Drake   •  

    Hallelujah hallelujah victory in Jesus! Praise God for all His miracles! I'm so excited for these people. We serve an awesome God, He rule and reigns forever. HALLELUJAH!!! GOD IS ABLE, Praise His name. It's time to jump for joy and give him the highest praise and shout to the Lord! Thank my God, we love and adore you. Bless all your saints today, in Jesus name. We thank you Lord.

  2. Ronelle Drake   •  

    Almighty God i thank you for this day and all the blessing you bestow on us. Thank you for the air we breath, the birds that sins and praise your name, the plants and animals and the mountains and seas, our families and brothers and sisters, the clothes that we have, the food that we have, our jobs and necessities, our health, but most of all i thank you God for the privilledge of know you. Thank you for your presence, thank you for your love, thank you that we can give you praise, thank you for your joy, love, peace, strength and forgiveness of our sins. God i thank you for all my blessings from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your living word, thank you for all that you have done for me and all the trials and tribulations that i have been through, that you for all that you have taught me, thank you for allowing me to have gone through many hardships, because of your love for me, i praise you my God for it with all my heart, thank you my God that we are able to hear you hearts cry so that we can please you and give you the glory, thank you for our hope in you, thank you for your faithfulness and thank for being our savior and friend. We bless you my God, thank you Jesus.

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