Something Worth Living For

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Something Worth Living For

Proverbs chapter 10 verses 2 and 3, “Treasures of wickedness profit nothing, but righteousness delivers from death. The Lord will not allow the righteous soul to famish, but He casts away the desire of the wicked.

I have a word today for those who feel that your desire to do good, to pursue what is right, and to live a Godly live has no reward in our present day. The Bible declares that those who pursue worthless things have no lasting reward and will end up empty and unfulfilled at the end of their days. You, however; will be delivered from an eternal death and you will have the full supply of God to be everything that God has called you to be while you live on this earth. Now tell me something, isn’t that worth living for?

For you and I, more than ever, it’s time to pray!


  1. Julie Airis   •  

    Pray for A-Rod to come to the
    End of self and empty as he has been warned many times by myself and others! He knows
    All about Jesus.

  2. Thomas Holland   •  

    Thank you for our daily bread.

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