Searching for Old Truth in a New Year

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Searching for Old Truth in a New Year

Pastor Carter Conlon has created a special consideration at the beginning of a new year—one that ought to be anchored by the truths of Scripture if we are to manage anticipated upheaval continuing.  Scripture focus is Ecclesiastes 1:9 and the reminder that we can learn from the lessons of King Solomon and others, leaning on His truth. Open your heart to Jesus and it will truly be a happy New Year!

“America, may I say it clearly and simply. We have to turn back to God. There is no other solution for everything we’re facing today.” — Carter Conlon


  1. Barb   •  

    Keep on! Keep on telling the gospel..
    This is such an encouragement
    Praise the Lord!

  2. Anne   •  

    Amen, and Make the Bible honorable again a resource to resort to and cling to and instruct us May the Bible outsell any other book or publications or movie in USA

  3. Lori S   •  

    Thank you for speaking truth!

  4. Caroline   •  

    Amen and Amen! Thank you pastor Carter. May God by His grace continue to bless, strengthen and keep you in this new year.

  5. Laura   •  

    God bless you Pastor Carter! I pray that you will always be a watchman for the Lord in this generation. We as a nation need desperately to return to the word of God. Thank you and may you continue to be strengthened by the Lord in this new year! Blessings to Pastor Theresa and your family and TSC!

  6. David Perales   •  

    Thank you pastor;

  7. Lois   •  

    Hi Pastor Carter. I really appreciate your Tuesday night Let's pray. Hear the young people giving God all the praise. I have two teens. One of them attends a group at church. Thank God. For the message from you and pastor Tim

  8. Pauline   •  

    Thanks Pastor, for reminding America that we have to return to our first love, and that is Jesus Christ!

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