Praying for Those Who Have No Strength

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Praying for Those Who Have No Strength

You and I are living today in a society that is literally rife with pain. I heard a report just the other day again of another young student with seemingly such a bright future suddenly deciding to take his own life. So many are on the highways and byways of life like the blind man in the Scriptures. Others are trying to press through the crowd, trying to get healed of an inner agony that is simply too deep for anything but God to touch.

And there are even others like the man in Mark, chapter 2 who can’t get to God on his own, but he had four friends who were willing to take him up on a rooftop and let him down through the roof right into the very presence of God who healed him. Those four friends are like you and I—the Church of Jesus Christ. We have to pray. We’ve got to lay hold of God on behalf of those who have no strength.

It is time for you and I to pray. Join us for worldwide prayer at


  1. Ashley   •  

    Need a job lord pray for me. Restore my faith and take away my depression

  2. Charles   •  

    Hi dear Bro Carter, Indeed, the situation here in Belgium and in Europe in general seems to match with the situation of America you picture in your preachings. I think now we are living in a society of every dangers. There are frightning things happening here, and one of the particular one is that many unemployed poeple who gonna be literally left alone from January 1, 2015. Many companies have been closing one by one the past years and the unemployment has been increasing. The unemployment rate is such as about 25 % of young people, and even amongst the highly qualified are failing to find a job. And I am amongst them, though, my deepest aspirations is get trained and to serve the LORD in the harvest.
    And on personal plan, as I said in a commentary bellow another devotion, on my own, I am unable and powerless to face the difficulties of days ahead, and I need the power of the HOLY GHOST. Greetings and blessings in our LORD JESUS CHRIST Almighty Name. Shalom.

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