Prayer That Can Move Mountains

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Prayer That Can Move Mountains

Pastor Carter Conlon invites listeners into the Gospel of Mark and encourages them to consider prayer that can move mountains.

During a panic attack when he was just 24 years old, Pastor Carter was released from the grip of fear into faith. Realizing he didn’t have to settle for fruitlessness or powerlessness, he stepped into the victory of Christ, believing that his prayer would not just benefit his life, but the lives of others as well.

Pastor Carter challenges us to practice forgiveness and escape the illusions of this world. God can restore our hearts, minds, marriages, neighborhoods, and nation. Our lives will make a difference when we believe that He receives whatever we lift up to Him.

The three stirring testimonies, remind us of the importance to unplug and spend deep time in prayer. We have a Father who hears and responds, and now more than ever, it’s time to pray.


  1. Deborah M   •  

    Thank you Pastor Carter Conlon !

    - Alaska

  2. Patricia   •  

    Wonderful! Can I get this in written format?

  3. Jean   •  

    Please put me on your pray list. I'm having a CT scan on my adrenal gland Thursday at 2pm. I lost my husband to lung cancer in 2014. Please pray the doctors will find what they can do and it is not cancer. In Jesus name.

  4. Bridgey   •  

    Pleases pray for my son joe Rooney he's 14 and he just whont listen to me or he's dad it's causing arguments at home and much more pls pls pray for God to save him

  5. Larry Berry   •  

    Wonderful, The amazing power of Prayer. God Bless you Pastor Carter and Thank You for this message from JESUS CHRIST. I am praying for You and All at TSC. Please Pray for me. Amen

  6. Joseph Sevek   •  

    God has shown me He answers prayer in a mighty way. He has heard the cry of many in TSC including Pastor Carter on my behalf. Though I went astray God heard those prayers and has restored me to my Church, my family, my job, and most of all to my relationship with Jesus. Thank you for your prayers TSC and Pastor Carter. My prayer now is to glorify God with my life and to continually pray for others as others have prayed for me.


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