In New York City, a most unusual prayer meeting has begun. People now from 112 countries have joined in online prayer, either live or submitting their prayer requests during the week. There have been over 1,000 answers so far—phenomenal answers to prayer.

Our meetings are absolutely impregnated with joy and expectation that God is doing something and is delighted to answer our prayers. You can go to to see last week’s meeting. You can submit a prayer request, you can encourage someone else, or you can read about the marvelous answers that people have received so far. It is potentially one of the most incredible opportunities I’ve ever seen in my lifetime to pray live with people from all over the globe. It is truly, truly worth a visit to see what God is doing.

It is time to pray.

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  1. Esther Magloire   •  

    Too Blessed! Too much to say! Not surprised at all that TSC with Pastor Teresa and Pastor Carter obeyed God's command to PRAY MORE to turn a whole Tuesday church service into a Prayer Service for such a time as this. Wow! I attend every Tuesday, stay home to prepare for 7pm. My grandaughter Angelique lend me her laptop God bless her, and here we go we are on Broadway at TSC like we used to be til 2005 before I moved to FL. IT'S SO ENCOURAGING, A BLESSING! LIKE THE PASTORS TERESA AND CARTER WOULD SAY; ALL THE GLORY AND HONOR TO GOD!!! YES IT'S TIME TO PRAY AMEN AND AMEN. THANK YOU JESUS

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