People Are On The Way

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
People Are On The Way

In the book 2 Kings, chapter 4, a woman brought her lost hope to where she believed the power of God had been. The prophet Elijah was a man of prayer. He allowed the heartache of another to even come between himself and his place of rest. He literally stretched himself over this hopeless moment in time and brought life back into it again.

Now, there are moments in history where only prayer can make a difference. People are coming your way. What are we going to do? You and I are going to have to be able to answer that question. Are we willing to let the struggles of others take us out of that place of seeking our own comfort—to where we begin to pray and believe God that through our lives, life can be brought back into their hopeless situation. This can happen, but only through prayer.

It’s time to pray!


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    Were with you In Oregon
    Pastor Carter...God Bless you

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